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Short Stack Printing

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Total (Inc GST) : $ 183.43

The curved iron frame (650x1250mm) creates one-of-a-kind and eye-catching portable displays that are one of the most popular outdoor sign displays. They are lightweight with metal frames that lock into place when extended. Solid steel construction (8.5kg) with a durable coated finish helps you advertise your unique brand message. Perfect for tradeshows, promotions and big events where larger signages are needed.

Withstand winds and heavy foot traffic

Curved metal A-frames are perfect for banner stands and other outdoor signage that require stability on bumpy or windy days.

You can display your messages at any time with our Deluxe Metal Sheet Curved A-Frames. For the ideal smooth finish, we print directly on a 3-year monomeric vinyl and then apply it to the metal board.

Perfect for product launches and outdoor promotions

The Deluxe Metal Sheet Curved A-Frames are perfect for your company branding, product launches, seminars and promotions. The metal frames lock into place when extended creating a more stable unit that can be moved about by one person. The easy assembly feature ensures you can set up the display within minutes.

Increase engagement from booth visitors

Increase engagement from booth visitors by drawing attention to your display. Visitors are drawn to curved items because they can see around it while standing in front, increasing their chances of scanning the information on the signboard.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

As the Deluxe Metal Sheet Curved A-Frames are made from metal material. With these features, you are able to showcase your marketing messages at outdoor or indoor events without worrying about turning people away because of bad weather!

Set your brand apart from competitors

With its simple design, this banner stand can be used to create attractive high-impact signage. The curved frame sets your brand apart from competitors and ensures that you get noticed!