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Total (Inc GST) : $ 165.11

Share your business with the world using the Standard Metal Sheet A-Frame Set. This sign comes double-sided in multiple sizes, letting you illustrate whatever message needed in two ways. Made of robust metal, this sign is built to withstand corrosion and stand up to the elements. Placed outdoors or indoors, it will showcase its messaging obviously on a bright white metal surface.

Design Creatively

Using UV printing technology, you have the option to either print your own design or consult with one of our professional designers. Working with a creative designer allows to you bounce ideas back and forth and come up with a design that's both eye-catching and informative. Alternatively, we have the ability to print whatever images and text you come up with on your own.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up the Standard metal Sheet A-Frame Set is as simple as carting it around via a cast-iron handle and propping it up on its metal forelegs. Once it's set up and in a locked position, it won't be taken down unless you want it down.


When you make an investment in a metal A-frame sign, it should last for quite some time. This sign comes with a two-year warranty that will ensure you peace of mind over its lifespan. If rust sets in or a screw comes loose, you can expect your money back or an entirely new sign free of charge.

Printed With UV Technology

The Standard Metal Sheet A-Frame Set uses UV technology to print its accompanying text and images. This printing tech allows for brighter and more vivid coloring that's less likely to fade over time. This makes it the perfect way to display signs in all environments, including rainy or humid climates that might wear down traditional printing methods.

The perfect outdoor signage option for messages that stick around! The Metal Sheet A-Frame features:

  • a powder coated black frame
  • cast iron handle
  • detachable metal sheet face made of white metal
  • UV Technology print
  • All in all this makes for a very sturdy advertising product for all environments. 

With a 2 year warranty on both the face and the frame, you'll have peace of mind that you are buying a high quality product.