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Achieve a professional look with Short Stack Printing matt flyers thanks to their two-sided matt finish. If you plan to print flyers with a lot of text, this finish is ideal as it makes the text easily readable and makes the flyers appear sturdy and textured.

Legible, Compelling Copy on Your Flyers

You create flyers to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions by conveying relevant information about your products or services. In addition to the copy on your flyers being catchy and compelling, it also needs to be easy to read.

The two-sided matt finish on Short Stack Printing matt flyers makes the text on your flyers easy to read even under brightly lit conditions. Rather than reflect light that hits the paper’s finish, this finish absorbs much of the light, making the text on your flyers legible.

Unique Texture and Sturdy Quality

Besides looking professional, Short Stack Printing matt flyers also have a characteristic texture that is subtle yet classic. This quality can be useful if you’re using the flyers to promote traditional products or services and want to communicate classic sophistication.

These two-sided matt flyers achieve a sturdier quality, making them ideal for showcasing services or products for which you want to emphasize legacy and luxury.

A Warm, Soft Aesthetic

The matt finish is suitable for flyers that don’t feature full-colour images. Short Stack Printing matt flyers let you feature images and colour graphics that include drop shadows and gradients. These flyers look warm and soft because the paper achieves a gentle glow by reflecting minimal light.

Of course, as a business owner, your personal preferences also come into play when choosing flyers. Use Short Stack Printing matt flyers to showcase your brand personality and only you know which types of flyers you prefer for your business.

For these reasons, Short Stack Printing matt flyers are a good addition to your marketing repertoire.