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Check and feel the texture, print quality, and design excellence of our products with a business card sample pack. Short Stack Printing understands your desire to feel a product before buying it. When you are at an impasse and can’t decide the right paper or finishing options, our comprehensive sample pack can help.

We include standard business cards in the kit to help you understand our range better. With a simple checkout process, order your pack quickly to meet our papers and designs in person.

What’s In the Pack?

We offer a sample kit encompassing standard business cards available at our store. With multiple options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make an informed decision. Don’t believe what you see. Instead, feel what makes our cards perfect for your business meet-and-greet or promotions.

The pack includes:

  • 350gsm cast-coated Artboard gloss cello/matt cello one side
  • 350gsm cast-coated Artboard uncoated card
  • 360gsm Artboard uncoated card
  • 360gsm Artboard gloss cello one side/both sides
  • 360gsm Artboard matt cello one side/both sides
  • 420gsm Artboard uncoated card
  • 420gsm Artboard gloss cello one side/both sides
  • 420gsm Artboard matt cello one side/both sides
  • 420gsm Artboard matt 2 Sides + foiling 1 Side
  • 300gsm pearl artboard 
  • 350gsm white linen artboard

The business card sample pack offers insights into our paper stocks, coating options, and sizes.

Simplified Ordering Process

Let our business card sample pack simplify your choices when you're unsure if you want a gloss finish or a heavier cardstock. We believe in simplicity at every step of the way. There's no complicated and lengthy form to fill when you order the sample kit. It is free of cost and has no shipping charges either.

Login to our website and provide your shipping details to facilitate the process. It will take 5-7 business days to deliver the kit to your doorstep.

Order a carefully curated selection of our business cards today to find the right option. You may also call us for additional information.

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