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Short Stack Printing

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Total (Inc GST) : $ 378.90

Customize your desk space and stay on your customers’ minds with Short Stack Printing desk pads. They make them a good addition to your desk and great gifts to others. Their features include

A highly customizable design
Sleek design
High-quality materials
Neat design
Ample writing space

Highly Customizable Design

The customizable design of these desk pads lets you choose your preferred size and colour. Short Stack Printing desk pads come in A3 and A4 sizes, as well as various colours. So, you can get desk pads that match your business’s needs in terms of function and design. A desk pad with the right size and colour makes your deskspace visually pleasing and inspires creativity.

Sleek Design and High-quality Materials

Stack Printing desk pads have a sleek design and are made from high-quality materials, making them ideal gifts or promotional items to share with your customers. You can also gift these desk pads to your family members, friends, significant other, or colleagues on special occasions.

Moreover, because these desk pads come in a variety of colours, you can match your desk pads with your brand colours. When your brand colours match or complement the colour of items in or related to your business, it unifies your brand identity and enhances brand awareness.

Whenever your customers see your desk pads on their desks, your business comes to mind. Occupying real estate in your customer’s minds enhances their loyalty because they view your brand as a part of their lives.

Neat Design and Ample Writing Space

These desk pads have a neat design with plenty of writing space for keeping track of important appointments and dates. When you share your Stack Printing desk pads with others, you provide them with a tool that helps them manage their time effectively and be productive.

Short Stack Printing desk pads are a great addition to your office desk at work, home office desk, or gaming desk.