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Short Stack Printing

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Total (Inc GST) : $ 195.13

We've all been there: a party, a celebration, or another event that needs celebrating. You want to make some sort of visual statement while still promoting your brand. So what do you do?

Printed on the front of these flags are high-quality designs in both glossy and matte finishes so your message will stand out from passersby who don’t even notice them because they have something important going on. The edges of this banner flag are weighted so no matter how hard it tips or slouches from being staked into the ground, it won’t go flying prematurely across the lawn at your expense! And did we mention they're UV coated for protection against sun damage? Want more color though? No problemo.

There are no cumbersome strings on these flags that will get in the way.

just quickly remove the clamps and even more quickly install it. We have our two sided or printed one sided flags for your business needs.

These Extra Large Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed One Side fly proudly high at your event to really shout out messages loud and clear. Showcase, advertise, celebrate with these distinctive banners!

Ideal for outdoors.

Flag banners are ideal for outdoor advertising of your business. They're durable and weather-resistant, even in indoor environments like garages or warehouses. You can hang them on building ceilings, balcony railings or fence posts!

These flags are great for making any event more memorable. Printed on one side, these large rectangle banners will last through outdoor events. They come at a size that is very easy to handle and know you'll be able to have the time of your life up in the air with this product!

Get your new banners to highlight promotions, events, new items and more with our high-quality printed extra large rectangular banner flags!

Put on some mega-sized promotion along the side of your building with these printed Extra Large Rectangle Banner Flags.