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Total (Inc GST) : $ 230.48

Make a big impression with awesome Extra Large Teardrop Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides. These are the largest flags that we make with a spike and pole attachment. Designed to be seen from some distance away, these banners are ideal for large-scale events, catching the attention of motorists, or simply making a powerful statement that you're out there!

Impressive Dimensions

The Extra Large teardrop measures 1110mm (wide) and 4030mm (high). Once it's been assembled, the final height is 4600mm. The pole needed to mount the banner measures 5500mm. We supply a fibreglass pole with the banner, ensuring you have a mounting option that's both flexible and durable enough to cope with the demands of the flag, especially in the wind.

Customised Message

At ShortStack, we are used to putting the customer first, coming up with innovative messages, branding and colour combinations to ensure their message is correctly presented. Our skilled team provide high-grade, professionally printed messages that give a good impression to prospective customers.

We use dye-sublimation techniques to ensure the print is clear, the colours are intense and the design as a whole is immune to damage from UV light, rain, or changes in temperature.

If you're undecided on what you think would look good on Extra Large Teardrop Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides, we can give you plenty of ideas. Some designs particularly suit a larger flag - if required we provide suggestions, or can use your ideas to create a design for both sides of the flag.

Carry Case and Stand are Also Provided

In addition to the pole, we also provide a durable carry case to hold the flag when not in use, as well as a star-picket spike to securely fasten the flag where've you choose to locate it. 

This is a long-lasting, robust product that comes with a three-month weather warranty covering the banner flag material (tough 110gsm knitted polyester).