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Total (Inc GST) : $ 198.86

Catch the attention of your customers twice as much with these handy Large Feather Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides. Whether you choose to have the same message on each side (so that people coming from either direction will see the same thing) or prefer to provide two different messages, this banner will meet your needs.

Extra Layer for Clear Messages on Both Flag Faces

To make sure each side of the banner looks its best, we sew an additional layer of fabric between the two printed faces of the flag. This ensures each side's message stands out clearly, without any bleed-through from the other face.

Great for Outdoor Locations

The larger dimensions of this feather banner make it a good choice to situate outside premises, or at a big, outdoor event where your presence needs to be clearly marked. The Large Feather Banner Flags- Printed Two Sides measure 750mm wide (at the widest point) x 3560mm high. Once mounted, it measures 4000mm.

The flag is secured to the ground with a star-picket spike. This lets the flag stay securely in position, even if the wind gets up a bit.

The material and ink used to create the flag are both designed to resist sun damage, water damage, or damage caused by the flag moving during use. Cracking, flaking, folding, tearing or other signs of deterioration are unlikely, due to the combination of dye-sublimation printing and 110gsm knitted polyester that we use to create our flags.

Note that the banner material comes with a three-month warranty.

Easily Portable

Despite its large size, this is a lightweight flag that can be easily carried by one person. To make transportation easier, we provide a well-made carry case that can be used to store and carry the flag in between locations. When you're ready to set up, the feather banner can normally be mounted and fixed in place without additional assistance.