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Total (Inc GST) : $ 141.36

Demand attention with Medium Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed One Side. It's all too easy for potential customers to overlook what you've got to offer unless you can catch their attention. This is where banners come in really handy. A medium-sized banner is still big enough to catch the eye - which is exactly what's needed to increase awareness of you and your goods and/or services.

Medium Flag Measurements

Medium Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed One Side measure 700mm wide x 1600mm high. When you buy a banner from us, you'll also receive a fibreglass pole to mount the flag on. The pole is sized according to the size of the banner you purchase. Medium banners come with a 3500mm pole. 

Once assembled, the flag plus pole is 2150mm high.

Complimentary Spike, Case and Pole

When you buy from us, we add in everything needed for your banner to operate successfully. The pole and spike have been designed to securely anchor the banner in the chosen location, minimising the risk of an unwanted take off when the wind gets up!

Premium Materials That Keep Looking Good

One of the big concerns about using an outdoor banner is that it will fade quickly due to the effects of UV light. Luckily the flags we supply are made using a dye-sublimation technique. This involves heat treating the banner as part of the ink application process, helping to fix the colours in place. 

Our banner flag fabric comes with a three-month weather warranty. If you notice any signs of weather-related wear for the first three months after purchase, we'll replace your flag at no additional cost.

Create a Unique Design

The team here at ShortStack are highly skilled and experienced. They also have plenty of original ideas to customise your banner. We can accommodate almost any message, design or layout.