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Rectangle flags, also known as rectangle flag banners, are advertising flags are ideal for signage that needs to be seen both indoors and outdoors since they are sturdy, and light.

Rectangle flags are good for displaying a lot of information because their surface area is larger than that of any other advertising flag.

Long-lasting durability

Our flags are double stitched for long-lasting durability. Our banner flags are directly imprinted on 110gsm knitted polyester fabric and are double-sided. To ensure block out from suns harsh rays, the double-sided flags include an additional cloth layer sewn in between.


Rectangle flags can be reused at multiple events by removing the flag poles and reattaching them to the opposite side of the banner. Our flags are at their best when used as billboard ads on outdoor venues, such as stadiums and arenas, trade fairs and exhibitions etc.

High-resolution printing

Our custom rectangle flag banners can be printed in high resolution with dye sublimation: no visible screen printing lines and high quality images.

Easy installation

Rectangle flags are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any promotional need, and we offer the following sizes


Small: 700 x 1060mm (1.52m high assembled)

Medium: 700 x 1660mm (2.15m high assembled)

Large: 700 x 2660mm (3.15m high assembled)

XL: 700 x 3660mm (4.15m high assembled)

Our Banner Flag Fabric comes with a three-month weather warranty.

Rectangle flags can be installed on any surface- from a wall to a pole such as our flag kits and flag poles.

The free-flowing form attracts more attention

They are meant to endure rain and light winds. They are big, which helps them stand out while driving. Their free-form design allows them to flow with the wind, drawing even more attention to them as they walk outside.

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