Establish yourself from the crowd with the Multiloft Encore 32 Pts (.8mm) Business Cards.  Your business's identity is an extremely important step in any networking or relationship-building opportunity, thankfully: Short Stack Printing is here to help. The Encore 32 Pts business cards are produced with the new Encore range that uses MultiLoft technology; this creates a truly unique card, capable of seizing anyone's attention. Options to print are available in Portrait mode (55 mm x 90 mm) and Landscape (90mm x 55mm) and you may select to print on one or both sides.


These proudly Australian-made business cards are not only stylish but durable. These will not bend or tear easily, at 32 pts think (.8mm) the thick quality of the card is sure to keep its form and make an impression. When requested, the Encore deluxe business cards can be produced in 46 and 60 pts through MultiLoft technology.

Available at any quantity

These polished, deluxe business cards are available to ship in a variety of quantities. Short Stack Printing can fulfill all your business cards needs, we realize that not all businesses may need tens of thousands of business cards so have appropriated the quantity ranges for small businesses to large corporations. The business cards can come in quantities of 50 or up to 10,000. Short Stack printing also offers the service of designing your personalized cards, as we realize this step can be a challenging process. If you're ready for your next business card, sure to turn heads, choose the MultiLoft Encore Business Cards today.

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